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Are you an existing Landlord or do you want to become one and start receiving guaranteed rent? Then look no further! 


From about GBP 225,000 you can own a property which will bring you a nice steady income for life. Typical rental return is 5-8% per year


Whether you are a new or existing Landlord, we'll take your property on for a long contract, guarantee top rent, no commissions to pay, we'll take care of small repairs etc.


We specialise in 2+ bedroom properties in NW London Zones 1-2, preferably above shops with front entrance. Small blocks of flats are most welcome!


Leave all your worries to us, all you'll do - just spend money we'll send you every month!

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Если вы инвестор из России или из другой русскоязычной страны, приглашаем вас посетить наш специальный сайт на русском языке


If you prefer somewhere much warmer than London, then check what we have to offer in sunny Italian seaside!


Buy-to-let leasehold properties in Italy prices start from only 8,000 EUR for 1 bed apartment opposite of the beach on the Tyrrhenian seaside.  


These investments can bring  you up to an amazing 70% per year returns if rentals and management done by owner. We also can offer on-site management (check-in/check-out and cleaning services) so you can invest remotely.


For more information please contact us.


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