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about us

Our best asset is our Director, Mr. V. Hilton, a successful businessman and marketing genius. His vision has helped many businesses grow and prosper.

Mr. Hilton is passionate about business success and is often personally involved in the company's projects.


He created and built many businesses such as 'Short Let London' , which was later sold at a profit. With a healthy launch through our company and our post-sale consultations, this business has firmly taken its place on the London property market.  

Mr. Hilton is also the mastermind behind the success of an international estate agency, which has grown to be the most successful in the region of Calabria (ITALY), with over 500 holiday homes sold to international clients in the city of Scalea. 


These are just two of many examples of success achieved by various businesses through the Marketing Consulting and Customer Services that we offer.

For the last 10 years we mainly concentrate on organising passive income for our clients from property Investments in UK and Italy.


If you wish to benefit from one of our services, please contact us.

Mr V. Hilton

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