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Buy-to-let property investments in UK and Italy

Have you always wanted to become a Landlord/Landlady in the British Capital?
Then look no further!


From about GBP 225,000, you can own a (leasehold) property in London which will bring you a nice steady income for life. Typical rental return is 5% per year (excluding capital growth). Long rental contract with us will guarantee you a worry-free life for many years to come! 


We'll help you with everything: finding a property, organise any refurbishment, licensing, rental etc. 


Contact us today for more info.


If you have less amount of cash to play with and you'd love to be somewhere much warmer than London, then check out what we have to offer in sunny Italian seaside!


Buy-to-let (freehold) property prices in Italy start from only EUR  25,000 for 1 bedroom apartment near the beach on the Tyrrhenian seaside.  


These investments will bring you up to 10% per year (excluding capital growth) returns with fixed long-term rental contract. We also can offer you remote purchase so you can enjoy investing from the comfort of your home. 

We'll help you to find property, organise refurbishment and rentals to make sure you'll have absolutely hands-off investment and stable returns for years to come. 

For more information please contact us.

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